If this year’s fashion has taught us anything, it is that we need to expect the unseen. The minimalist style is taken over by those glitz, glamour and casual-chic styles. Artistic looks became the new cool. Plus size models celebrate their bodies on the ramps of various fashion shows all year round. Fashion is changing with every passing day but we are putting our money on 4 fashion trends that will be big in 2018 and are here to stay.

If these styles didn’t see the light of the day fear not, we would be the first one to tell you about it!

Leave those long fashion trends list that will be out of style in 2018 and focus on them.

Cargo Pants replacing Jeans

Cargo Pants Fashion

We have a shocker for you; denim is not on the list of 4 fashion trends that will be big in 2018. You need to say goodbye to your jeans for 2018 and say hello to cargo pants instead. 2017 was about experimenting with jeans be it wearing it as it is or deconstructing to the point where it would be barely visible. But now it is going to be the year of cargo pants. In addition to plain cargo pants, camouflage, khaki, and army green are running down every fashion runway already.

Therefore, leave those pair of jeans and put those cargo pants on. Trust us, they would look extremely chic on you!

Welcome Tacky Leopard Prints

Tacky Leopard Print

Let us inform you that there are two types of Leopard prints. One of them is extremely tacky and tasteless. Before now that typical looking and flat leopard prints were kept on the back of the store racks. But, all of a sudden, these tacky leopard prints are looking extremely attractive.

If you want to reason with us why these prints don’t look good, you would miss out a big fashion trend of 2018! These tacky leopard prints look good with many things but our favorites are rockabilly shoes, leather, and a great sneer. Go on, give this a try, we promise you won’t be regret.

Carry Micro Purses to Dress Light

Micro Purses

You know what we have next on the list of 4 fashion trends that will be big in 2018? It is these “carry nothing” micro bags. These micro bags are so small that can rarely fit credit card inside them.

But the thing is that they already have our favorite celebs approval. Our very own Riri has been seen flaunting these micro bags. If she is doing it, then we must follow!

 Modest Street Style

Street Style

Who would have thought the modest street style would make the list of 4 fashion trends that will be big in 2018. But it is here to stay. The fashionistas are drawing inspiration from religious subcultures. This explains why suddenly over-sized, long-sleeve and floor length cotton dresses are taking over street fashion.

We feel like soon everyone would be wearing simple white dresses with purple shawls to flaunt, depicting cult modest street fashion.

This was our list off 4 fashion trends that will be big in 2018. Have something to add to this story? Comment below and let us know.

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