Lipsticks for this Summer

At this very time in the season, your outfit and flip flops must be on point but where do you stand makeup-wise? Summer is full of fluctuating styles, which calls for a change if your lipsticks color as well. Switch to the shades which are hot and trending.  We went ahead and began our quest to find which colors are being snatched from the shelves this summer season and this is what we find.

1. Candy Red

candy red lipstick

Red lipsticks shades are something to cherish all around the year, with summer being no exception. Anyhow, the deep red tone is being replaced by the luscious cool twist. Give a shake to your beauty routine by adding red with blue undertones in it.  This look doesn’t require you put on a lot of make- up and works well with all the skin tones.  Let your lips do the talking.

2. Pink Flamingo


Get it this summer with statement making hues, leave your light pinks at home and go out with a high-octane hue.  Take inspiration from a high spirit bird flamingo and go big with a neon shade of pink. Make it your spirit animal and flaunt all its vibrant features my rocking shades of lipsticks.

3. Orange Hue

Orange Hue Lipsticks

Be it a glossy or matt orange, it totally gives show stopper feels. Wear it with sassiness, wear it with confidence and we guarantee you a perfect combination of a bold and beautiful look.

4. Vamp Jam

Vamp Jam lipsticks
This is the season of bright neon shades but that doesn’t mean it has no space for a deep undertone red.  Wear this vampy red on hot summer nights and leave everybody who looks at you in awe.

5. The Nudes

Nothing can be as classy as a nude shade.  If you want to carry off a more natural and undone look this summer, nude shades are what you need to pick. You can also buy an ombre palette and experiment with it to keep things interesting.

6. Black Leather (Patent)

Black Leather (Patent) Lipsticks

The best combination of rock and roll with eternal sophistication is what these shades are all about. The super shiny black color gives the feel of a strong and powerful woman. No matter what is the skin tone it looks good on everything. It is the most favorite shade of all.

 7. Deep Green

Deep Green lipsticks

Don’t be afraid of this wild color; it is probably the most eye-catching and gives a subtle and clean vibe. The months which are most favorites to flaunt this color are March and December when the outsides are dull and pale. They have a wide range of depths and tones so be experimental with it until you find your perfect hue. For example, the nude and paler green go well with the light tone skins and the slight shimmer looks great against olive skins.

8. Sky Blue Hue

Sky Blue Hue

One of the go-to colors of many beauty gurus is sky blue, believe it or not. These lipsticks look extremely beautiful on the lips and feel uplifting throughout the year. It looks exceptionally well in summer when you wear it on a beach day. It has a variety of tones which goes with all the skin tones.

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