Fashion Color Trends 2017

The Fashion color trends 2017 took us back to the times where there were re-defined confident look with exaggerated lines, metallic textures and loud graphic prints on new generation trenches. This year has been the year of bright pinks and sunshine yellow. Bold color choices have been the star of this year. Here let’s see some of the 2017 fashion color trends which have blown up the fashion industry.

Spring Summer 2017 Color Trends

Primrose Yellow Dress

This has been one of the most darling colors of summer and spring 2017. It added the kind of oomph no other color did. It was the color of the season with it joyful shade which sparkles and reflects the heat. You can be as bright as the sun and this color proved it. We are absolutely taken aback by this vibrant color in all its glory

Primrose Yellow - Fashion color trends 2017

Pale Pink Dress

On the contrary to the wild and bright tones such as yellow, soft and soothing colors also made their mark this season. Summer and springs are normally the seasons of vibrant colors but the designer did something different this year. They brought back a tranquil and peaceful pink shade which depicts the aura of calmness and purity.

Pale Pink - Fashion color trends 2017

Island Paradise Blue Dress

This is one of our favorite shades among the 2017 fashion color trends. It has a blue and green tone which looks nothing less a dream. It soothes the eyes and gives you the feel of utter and complete elegance. We are confident that you cannot dislike this color. We really hope it makes a comeback in the fashion trends of next year.

Island Paradise Blue - Fashion color trends 2017

Flame-y Orange Dress – Fashion Color Trends FLAMEY2017

Talking about bold and beautiful tones, how can we miss this one? This is probably the most vivacious and brave color from the list. It took the ramp and roads, both my storm. People have been wearing it, loving it and flaunting since it made an appearance on the A-list of the most fashionable colors of 2017. If you haven’t worn it yet, we insist that you do.

Flame-y Orange - Fashion color trends 2017

Greenish Yellow Dress – Fashion Color Trends 2017

Channel your inner diva by wearing this not-so-normal color out in the sun. It looks great opposite all skin tones and gives you the confidence of a runway model. Don’t shy away from this color; it can do wonders for you. Just put it on and see your confidence level rising.

Fashion color trends 2017 Greenish Yellow

Pantone 2017 Wedding Colors – Greenery

Green and Burgundy Dress

We love it because it is the combination of our two most favorite tones, green and burgundy. Pantone 2017 wedding colors list has these colors in it as one of the most favorite pairings. And we can’t disagree with it. The darker tones when put together creates a very unreal sort of wedding setting. In your head, you might think this wouldn’t work but the reality of the situation would amaze you.

Green and Pink Dress

This is the combination made by nature. The pink tone of flowers along the green tones of leaves looks surreal. This affects remain intact when you use this pairing as your wedding theme. It would give a feel of a classy and natural wedding setup. So if you don’t want your decorations to look extravagant and over the top, choose this combination.

Green and Purple Dress

No, we swear this works. This might sound unusual and wrong, but it looks absolutely gorgeous. If you are opting for breaking the traditional norms and going for a more hip setting, there is the pairing you need to pick. It could give a certain edge to your decorations while keeping it close to the natural tones.

Green and Gold Dress

This combination would give you royal vibes. If you want to add the regal touch to your wedding, this is the option to go for. It would give you a very traditional wedding sort of feel and if that is something you want, this is the right pairing for you.

Fall Winter 2017 2018 Trends

Pink Dress

This color has endless possibilities ranging from cherry to raspberry tones. The candy or shocking pink has been the darling of this season. And a must-have color this season to beat the “blues” of the cold and harsh winter. Look vibrant and feel vibrant in this full of life hue.

Fashion color trends 2017 -

Red Dress 

Red has never been so in before. It is probably the most wanted and opts for hue this winter. It gives a feeling of extreme elegance and modernity. Put on a red lipstick and wear a red dress to channel the diva inside you in this fall.

Fashion color trends 2017 - couleurs mode rentrée rouge

Orange Dress

Orange is coming back, bigger and better than ever. It is the hue which is loud and proud. Orange gives you the fresh air in this dull and colorless weather. Be the center of attention this is fall by wearing this unique and bright hue.

Fashion color trends 2017 - couleurs mode rentrée orange

Navy Dress

The all-time subtle shade made a reappearance this fall with a contemporary update. This color looks extremely chic and is perfect for your busy work days without looking your style profile. Now look chic and professional at the same time by opting for this hue.

Fashion color trends 2017 - couleurs mode rentrée bleu marine

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