A few of these new TV shows will surely leave their impact in 2018. We have tried our best to name a few of those shows which will not only be good entertainment but also closely follow human nature in true letter and spirit. Don’t take up any outdoor tasks in the New Year because these shows are bound to keep you stuck indoors to your seats & couches.

List of New TV Shows 2018

The New TV Show ‘Castle Rock’ Means Business

First on our list of new TV shows for 2018 is “Castle Rock,” a pretty intense manuscript bringing Stephen King to the limelight just like the year before. The author is a master at creating unbelievable situations by the stroke of his pen. The brilliant writer’s script is nothing less than spooky and intrigues to a big fan base just like a hungry stomach craves food.  “It” by the genius has already landed on the hit scale leaving behind all the others by quite a margin.

Names like J.J. Abrams attached to it surely makes this show something to watch out for. Castle Rock is a town in which the outrageous or shocking situations turn the culpable brains upside down.

Airing on HULU in 2018


Next on our list is “Maniac” starring Jonah Hill and Emma Stone. The name itself sounds exciting enough for the right audience but with that two starring makes it all the more fun to watch. “Maniac” deals with two mental health patients and their world of extraordinary possibilities. The two of them appeared together in “Superbad” in 2007. Hence, this should be worth laughing as well. It is time to sit back with seat belts on for one hilarious rollercoaster ride. Furthermore, the comedy will last for 10 complete episodes.

Airing on Netflix in 2018

Sharp Objects

“Sharp Objects” is another show that is very much for the taking in 2018. Amy Adams (Emmy Award Nominee) returns to TV screen with “Sharp Objects” under her belt. Gillian Flynn, the author of this electrifying book, along with the superior skills of Amy Adams are bound to turn heads in 2018. Not just heads but the bodies might just follow because it is very instinctive of humans to find the person responsible for the murder.

Amy Adams plays the role of a reporter who has to face her traumatic past by returning to her hometown while she’s working on solving a gruesome murder.

HBO is airing in June 2018.

The Alienist

Unfortunately, this new TV show doesn’t deal with aliens or extraterrestrials. Fortunately, it does bring director Cary Fukunaga behind the TV screen in 2018 which is in itself a big thing. The story revolves around Teddy Roosevelt before the Oval Office happened when he was the New York Police commissioner in 1896. He hires a criminal psychologist (Daniel Bruhl), a newspaper illustrator (Luke Evans) and Dakota Fanning as the young secretary to investigate and bring a serial killer to justice. Something I am looking forward to witnessing for sure!

Airing on 22nd January on TNT

Good Girls

The producer Jenna Bans is committed for another series in the form “Good Girls” in 2018. The plot centers around 3 working moms who have just had enough trying to make a living for themselves and their families. So they decide to step up the game and become the owners of their destinies by robbing a supermarket using fake or toy guns.

This new TV show stars the likes of Retta (from Parks & Recreation), Mae Whitman (Parenthood) and Christina Hendricks (Mad Men).

Airing on NBC on 26th February
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