Tricks to Achieve The Perfect Winged Eyeliner Look

We can’t teach you how to fly but we can give you perfect “wings” with a little bit of magic up our sleeves. Remember the last time your wobbly hands tried to apply winged eyeliner but failed miserably? Well, we are here to fix that situation.

We understand that is this not an easily acquired skill but with the help of these six tricks, we know you can do it. Go ahead and give them a try!

Draw It With a Pencil First


If you are more comfortable with a pencil than liquid or gel liner, this trick would work for you. Instead of starting off with the dreadful liquid eyeliner, try to shape your wing with a pencil first and then trace that shape afterward. This way you can be the judge of the consistency and shape you want to apply to your eyes. If in case, the shape you draw on your eyes using a pencil doesn’t seem right for you, you can easily rub it off with a tissue or a wipe without making a lot of mess on your face.

Work a Spoon


Another thing you can do is to use a spoon to trace your winged liner to get that perfect cat-eye look. This seems a bit tricky and outrageous technique but it works like magic. Plus, spoons are something we all have in our homes so it won’t be a hard thing to pick one up and give this hack a shot. If this works for you, think of how blissful and easy could your eyeliner applying could become.

Get Down With a Business Card


If you are not handy enough with a spoon or can’t keep it with you all the time, try using a business card which you probably always have in your wallet. This would serve the same purpose as a spoon in achieving the right shape and intensity of the winged eyeliner. This trick is handier than the spoon trick and might give you a better shape and structure liner wise. Get the perfect symmetry and shape with this subtle hack.

Use Tape


If you are struggling hard while putting on your winged liner but are not considering this classic no-fail trick, you are definitely doing it wrong. Put some tape below your eyes in an angled position which you have to achieve with your eyeliner and just follow the edges of the tape. VOILA! Enjoy your perfect cat-eye look.

Backward Flicks

Instead of starting off at the point of the flick, try meeting it with the spot you want to end it at. Consider starting at the end and moving back towards your nose instead.

Connecting The Dots

Who would have thought that the simple game of connecting the dots would come so handy in achieving the perfect winged-eye look?  We certainly didn’t. Put dots on your eyes using your pencil or liquid eyeliner and simply join them to get the flawless eyeliner.

Share your winged eyeliner trick with us to help your fellow ladies in need.


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